Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To Bailout Or Not To Bailout...That Is The Question

AIG--$152,500,000,000 (152.5 billion dollars)

Citigroup--$20,000,000,000 (20 billion dollars) plus a U. S. Government guarantee on $306,000,000,000 (306 billion dollars) worth of "toxic assets."

Now, the big three automakers (Ford, GM and Chrysler) have their hands out looking for a combined $34,000,000,000 (34 billion dollars) bailout, courtesy of YOU, the American taxpayer!

Our representatives and senators in Congress have already OK'd the AIG and Citigroup bailout. For better or worse, that money is gone, or at least committed and will soon be gone. However, that is not the case with the auto bailout....not yet, anyway.

The aforementioned members of Congress, who vote on these matters, are supposed to be YOUR representatives in the government. You voted them into their office and they are SUPPOSED to represent YOUR interests and be YOUR voice for how YOUR tax dollars are being spent. That is how a representive government is SUPPOSED to work. BUT IS IT???

A CNN News poll released today states that 70% of the respondents feel that it is unfair to the taxpayers of the United States to give a bailout to the automakers. 61% stated that they are flat out opposed to this bailout. So, between 60 and 70 of every 100 citizens are not in favor of a bailout for the big three automakers.

So now, YOUR representatives and YOUR senators, the men and women that YOU elected to represent your wishes, have to decide whom they will represent. Will they bow to the pressure of the big labor unions and big business interests, who want this bailout to make up for their own greed and their mistakes OR will they keep faith with the people who elected them, THE TAXPAYERS, and vote according to the majority of them.

Now is the time for you, the citizen, to contact your representatives in Congress and let them know how YOU feel about the spending of YOUR tax dollars on these continuing bailouts!


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David Boyd said...

Hey Brian,

The FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) that the big three are sowing is enough to scare a bunch of people even Senators and Congressman. Perhaps they are going to take the middle of the road and instead of an immediate execution via 'no bailout', they will give them a 'slow drip' death, therefore easing them to deaths doorstep. -DBoyd