Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Road To Socialism

Congratulations, America! Or maybe it should be Condolences, America. Because our society, as a whole, is already well down the road to a socialist way of life. Oh, that is not what it is called, of course. We call it "liberal thinking" or "wealth redistribution" or "progressive secularism". But whatever catch phrase you want to use, it comes down to the same thing: socialism.

Let's look at how far we have already progressed.

1) The government already has at least partial control of the banking system now and control of the money is always good for more government control of a society.

2) Another important element of a socialist way of life is to control dissension from those who do not agree with your positions. Control of the media is greatly beneficial in helping with this particular matter. In our case, a large portion of the media has already willingly given up and given in to only providing the information that helps the liberals press their cause with the American people. For example, when was the last time that you heard the mainstream media provide ANY good news from Iraq?? Stores are open, power and sewer systems are working, children are in school and women are allowed to vote. But you did not hear that from most media outlets, because the left doesn't want anything said that is going to show any error in their thinking.

3) Getting everyone to think the same way is also part of the socialist plan. In our colleges, the professors and other instructors are overwhelmingly leftist in their thinking and in what and how they teach their students. And I can tell you, from the personal experiences of my four children, there are plenty of professors who will grade you lower if you don't happen to think along the liberal lines which they espouse. Oh, and by the way, have you seen the news reports about what happens when conservative speakers attempt to speak at many of our universities? They come as invited guests, but are shouted down or even assaulted when they try to speak about conservative issues.

4) Oh yes, and let us not forget Senator Barack Obama, who wants small businesses to do well so that he, and his party, can decide when your hard work has paid off enough so they can take the "extra wealth" and spread it around. And Speaker Pelosi was quoted last year as saying that we should tax the gasoline companies 100% windfall profits taxes because "there are 20 million undocumented immigrants who need our help to realize the American dream." So, those who work hard are not only going to have their "extra wealth" taken away by the government to give to our poorer citizens, they are apparently going to also give it to the CRIMINALS who have violated our laws to be in this country.

Oh, gee, did I say CRIMINALS?? I believe the term was "undocumented immigrants."

Remember this: Referring to an illegal alien as an "undocumented immigrant" is like calling a drug dealer an "unlicensed pharmacist!"

5) I almost forgot what I count as the most important step which is being quietly integrated into our society. The removal of our Christian religion. Please note that I did not say ALL religion, just that religion that about 70% of our citizens follow and believe in. Bibles are not allowed in most schools anymore. However, we seem to be OK with the Koran. Prayer mats and rooms dedicated to the daily prayers of a practicing Muslim are perfectly acceptable, but let an athlete so much as kneel in a moment of prayer after scoring and there could be repercussions for that action. When did the separation of church and state trump the freedom to practice your religion, or more directly, the practice of the CHRISTIAN religion? Taking Christianity out of the government plan is probably the most important step on the road to a socialist society. God forbid, oh, I mean GOVERNMENT forbid that any citizen would recognize a higher power in his/her life than the all knowing, all providing, ALL CONTROLLING GOVERNMENT!



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