Monday, October 27, 2008

Spreading The Wealth??

I was watching the news this morning and saw a piece on the possibility that, should Barack Obama become president, one new way of raising revenue for the government would be to take away the tax deduction on 401k and IRA deposits. This tax deduction was originally put into place to encourage people to save for their future retirement. Without that savings for retirement, many people will have to rely on social security to provide their retirement income. Is that a joke?!?!? Everyone knows that social security is practically bankrupt already and once we start allowing 20 million illegal aliens to get their fingers into the social security pie, as the Democrats want, you will be able to eliminate the word PRACTICALLY from the first part of this sentence!!

Barack Obama is a gifted orator and a smart politician. He smoothes over all his questionable relationships with the ease of Bill Clinton while testifying. He disguises his far left leanings with words of hope and change. Perhaps Obama should be known as the Lon Chaney (The Man of 1000 Faces) of politics. Just every so often, he lets his true values and plans slip out and his latest comment about "spreading the wealth" is one of those times.

Think what you want about the Bush administration and whether John McCain really represents four more years of those policies. Convince yourself as much as you need to that it is a good idea to further empower a Democrat-controlled Congress which currently has an approval rating in single digits. And squeeze your eyes shut as tight as you want to help you avoid seeing some obvious truths about Barack and Michelle Obama that you would rather not see or acknowledge.

But you can be sure of one thing. No matter what is said about John McCain and no matter how naive you are about the Congress as controlled by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and no matter how badly you want to believe in Barack Obama, this is the truth. Next Tuesday, when you step into that voting booth, you are going to choose whether the USA goes forward to recover from our current problems and return to greatness or goes down to the special interests that have caused so many of our current problems.

There is one last thing to consider. Senator Obama speaks about spreading the wealth, but that is not what he is spreading. Barack Obama is spreading the same stuff that most farmers spread on their fields this time of year. He is just spreading more than most but, in the end, it smells the same.

By the way, Senator Obama, if you want to spread some wealth, why not ask Franklin Raines, Tim Howard and Jim Johnson to return the combined estimated $288,000,000.00 that they bailed out of Fannie Mae with when it went belly up under their combined leaderships. Since all three men are now senior economic staff members on your campaign team, perhaps they will listen to you and do the right thing.

There are a lot of taxpayers who would love to see THAT wealth spread around!!


Joshua said...

I think you should stop reading all of those crazy e-mail forwards you get and inevitably send.

Thanks for your honesty Brian. You certainly leave no doubt as to where you'll cast your vote next Tuesday.

Your blog, however, seems to echo the voice that will probably win Obama this election. People want to be able to feel good about the state of politics in America, and, like him or not, Obama's making them believe. I would like to suggest that you write your next blog using only positive statements (no sarcasm allowed).


Brian said...


Thanks for your comments, although I am not sure about what emails you are referring to since I seldom forward anything sent to me. I get a lot, I forward very little. And I, like you, would like to feel good about the state of politics in the United States, however, feeling good has to come with real knowledge, not rhetoric. I can burn your house to the ground and point out to you how warm the fire will be and we can all roast marshmallows, but your house will still be gone. It is one thing to talk a good story. It is quite another thing to make the story come true. Obama's whole career up to now does not jibe with his rhetoric. Once he is in office, it will be too late to do anything about that difference between rhetoric and fact, at least for the next four years.

When you vote for Obama, remember the names that go with that: Ayres (the terrorist), Rezko (the convicted felon), Wright (God damn America) and the happy trio from Fannie Mae (the 288 million dollar men) Raines, Howard and Johnson.

Take care and God bless

gan said...

Serious question for Obama supporters:

Do you really believe that increasing taxes on investment will result in economic growth and job creation?

Obama wants to increase taxes on corporations, capital gains, and dividend income. Do you really believe that will help our economy? If so, please give me just one example of a country that has ever implemented this type of policy successfully.

There is no doubt in my mind that Obama's plans have contributed to the nearly 50% decline on Wall Street.