Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome, President Obama

Like probably the majority of Americans yesterday, I watched as President Barack Obama delivered his much anticipated inaugural address. Although, in this blogger's opinion, the speech was not "one for the ages" as had been predicted by one newscaster, it was a very good speech which offered much hope and promise for America's future under an Obama presidency.

Now, today, the inaugural celebration is concluded, the inaugural balls are all over and the work of our new president begins. It is now time for all the rhetoric and all the promises and plans to begin to come to fruition. President Obama has inherited a plethora of serious problems to address and, as a citizen of this country, I pray that God will give him the wisdom and Divine Guidance to deal with all the problems which confront this great nation in such a way as to bring all the people of this country together again.

I hope that each citizen of the USA will join me in this prayer.

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Kristin said...

My prayers are certainly with him. It's not an easy job he's starting.