Friday, July 3, 2009

Trapping Wild Pigs--A How-To Guide

There was a young man working for me recently, who came from an impoverished country in Africa. One day, we were talking about the politics of the day here in America, and he told me the following tale.

It seems that, in his country, there were herds of wild pigs roaming free across his country. As a source of food, these pigs were hunted, but not very successfully because they were smart, fast and not too easy to catch. One villager, however, came up with the perfect plan for catching the wild pigs, and he imparted this information to other villagers.


First, you need to find an area where the pigs normally go to feed. Once you have found this area, go there regularly and scatter a goodly amount of corn around on the ground. Do this for several days until the pigs are used to getting the corn every day.

After that first few days, build a large fence just along one side of the corn pile. Let the pigs continue to feed everyday and soon they will be used to the segment of fence. A few days after that, put up a second fence segment, fencing in two sides of the corn pile. After the pigs have gotten used to that second segment, as they will, put up a third segment of fence.

Last of all, when the pigs are used to going into the three-sided fenced enclosure, install a swinging gate on the fourth side. When the pigs come for their FREE corn, close the gate and you have captured the entire herd.

Does anybody see any parallels between this story and the ongoing politics of entitlement in the United States? Think about it for a little while and see what you think. I would say we are somewhere between the "third side of the fence" and the installation of "the gate." You may not agree, but take a look at what is being taken over by our government in the name of the common good. Barack Obama and his cohorts just keep laying out the corn and a large number of our citizens gobble it up and get used to it. At this rate, it won't be long before the gate is closed.


Joseph R. Royak said...

The young Africans tale is akin to the frog in the water analogy. We as Americans must band together, political parties aside and pry our beloved country backi from this administration, who I believe are bent bon bringing the United States of America to her knees. we as freedom loing citizens are in grave danger of losing everything. I do believe in my heart that obama and his administration are just a front and "the man behind the curtain" is dangerously close to closing the gate. WAKE UP AMERICA and take our country back, no matter what it takes!

Joseph Raymd Royak said...

Sorry for the spelling errors. There's no spell check associated with this blog, plus I have fat fingers

shiloh2020 said...

Dear Brian...It is hard for me to comment on politics these days. Both sides are incorrect, both sides in the congress have lost their common sense...thinking themselves wise they became fools. I am trying to figure out what freedoms we have that others don't have and what freedoms we don't have that others do have. It seems to me that God's word has been so mixed up with every idea known to man that we have pretty much built a fence around ourselves. I like your blog and your freedom to blog. Can I now post comments regarding the dire state of america today? When all has fallen we will look for a national hero, someone who will lead us to a secure future...if we don't know what truth is how can we expect a leader to know? The shepherds of America have failed us and the government has built a fence around the people. Greed has devoured us and laid waste to the honest man and woman. Our youth are being plundered because they are easy to acquire. What once was 'holy' (set apart unto our God) is now licensed by the state, numbered and in point is that of marriage between a man and a woman. Per state laws we enter into 'domestic corporation' (a three party business arrangement-man.woman.state) when married by the state license and those who do the marrying are registered by the state. Products of the state...once holy, now no longer holy. There is no turning back the clock on any of this and that is the whole point of this all. Complaining loudly can get your voice heard and I do applaud as I have been applauded myself, but my experience is that we must pray more than we have been. Pray until the blood drops from your eyes. Pray is truly all you have left that is freedom.

Kristin said...

I don't really see the tie to America today or how Barack Obama and his cohorts are the ones laying out corn. If they are, it is corn grown and prepared by the previous administration, to which the wild pigs are accustomed.

Brian said...

To Shiloh2020--You are correct. Both sides have a hand on where we are and what we have become. However, we are now at a critical crossroads where we must decide to change our course back to a more self-sufficient type of life or let the government take care of us like children who never grow up.

To Kristin--I agree with you, except I would have used the word "administrations." Our government started scattering the corn at least 50 years ago. It has just become more generous with the amounts of "corn" with each new administration. We are now to a point where we have a permanently dependent class of welfare junkies who are hooked on their entitlements from birth to death. The current administration just seems to be more intent on expanding that class by trying to make everyone equally poor and eventually, equally dependent upon the government.

Anonymous said...

Kristen, how can you say that Obama and his cohorts re not laying the corn?

Yes, the previous administration spent money like it was nobody's business. But this administration is taking it to a level never before seen.

Bush added a prescription drug benefit for seniors that we couldn't afford. Obama wants to add free health care to 20% of the population!

Bush signed off on stimulus payments (that were approved by the democratic Congress). Obama provided additional stimulus payments, refundable tax credits and unemployment benefits that will cost 10x what Bush did.

Bush signed off on TARP as a loan package, but Obama (Geithner) won't allow the banks to easily repay the money. And repayments are not going back into the treasury - they are being set aside for future entitlements.

Bush gave GM $19 million to buy time and leave the problem to Obama. Obama took over the company, ignored the rule of law by screwing secured creditors, and gave 1/3 of the company to the UAW.

Bush gave Africa $10 billion to fight AIDS. Obama is doubling foreign aid to $50 billion (so that people will like us). The cap and trade bill has $4 billion to pay Brazil to stop cutting the rain forest. And just wait - he'll bail out California and other states. He'll pay North Korea to stop (temporarily) its nuclear program. He'll do the same with Iran.

Fact is that nobody in the history of America has spent money like this administration.