Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And Obama's Hits Just Keep On Coming!

Hey, President Obama, congratulations on another stunning policy success!! Yes, I am certain that bringing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the 911 mastermind, to the courts of New York City instead of those stodgy old military tribunals will turn out to be one more, in a long line, of stunning policy successes. Not only will this decision result in millions of dollars being spent for the security of such a trial, but it will also open New York City to heightened levels of danger. I am sure most New Yorkers will agree that it has gotten a little dull in town, so this excitement will certainly be a welcome diversion.

And, hey, who knows, what with the more defendant-friendly rules of evidence, he might even be acquitted and walk free from his crimes. Or, if he is convicted, he will be able to avail himself of years of appeals of that conviction, while living on in a prison at the expense of this country's taxpayers.

Yessirree, Mr. President, I gotta say it!! Job well done!! Now get busy with that lipstick!!

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