Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Death Of American Freedom

I just discovered that the House of Representatives has passed healthcare reform legislation by a narrow 220-215 vote. This legislation includes the so-called "Public Option" which will essentially result in the U.S. government taking total control of the health care in this country. Although the Senate has yet to pass this bill, it seems likely at this time that it will eventually pass in some form.

For those of you who love the United States of America, this will be a sad day. Barack Obama and the left wing liberals of the Democratic Party are bent on destroying what America has been for the past 235 years and seem determined to tear it down and re-assemble it in their own warped socialistic image. In America, you will no longer be free from government interference in this very large part of each American's life.

As a young, single healthy person, just starting out in adult life, you will not have the option to pay for medical care as you go. You will be forced to purchase healthcare coverage, or face stiff fines and maybe imprisonment for refusing to do so. That stand may very well be unconstitutional, but prominent members of Congress have already gone on record as stating that many of the things they do are not authorized by the U.S. Constitution, but they just do them anyway.

For elderly Americans, we have been told that there will be no "death panels" to decide who lives and who dies. Well, that may not be what they call the panel ultimately, but there will be decision makers within the government who will decide whether it is cost effective to give an elderly patient affirmative treatment for life threatening conditions as opposed to just giving drugs to ease the pain of dying.

For small business people, such as myself, this decision will mean a combination of rising costs to my clients and/or reducing the rate of pay that I can pay to my employees. Neither of these options is attractive but most small businesses in America will be facing these same tough decisions.

So, who wins with this decision. It would seem that this decision is a positive one for the poorest of our citizens, but did the entire system have to be changed to address the needs of those citizens who do not currently have health care? Do we really need to increase our national debt by another trillion dollars or more? When this economy finally breaks down, as it will in the face of this unrelenting and uncontrolled spending, what will that leave? It will leave an entire country, once the most affluent country in the world, foundering under its own impossible debt load. We will be like some third world country when we can no longer borrow any more money because our dollar will be worth about the same as a sheet of toilet paper, and be about as useful.

I do not honestly know all the ins and outs of this situation and, if the prayers of so many people who love America as she is are answered, then maybe this will not be the end of our great country. Perhaps, the impetus of this move will be what it takes for the American public to rear up on its collective hind legs and say, "Enough is enough!" Let's go to the polls in one short year from now and vote out of the office the traitorous scum who are trying so hard to rape and destroy our beloved United States of America.

All the promises for truth and fiscal responsibility and transparency in government have been just so much bull shit! We are currently in the grasp of one of the most crooked congresses in the history of this great nation. We have tax cheats and lawbreakers serving in high government posts. We have more czars in our government right now than ever ruled over Russia. We have a president who has spent millions in legal fees to see to it that none of his private life becomes public, if only to show that he is a citizen of this country and therefore legally eligible to serve in his current post. We have a congress full of our elected "representatives" who do not represent the very people who have put them into office.

NEW FLASH FOR CONGRESS: When every reputable poll in America says that the American public does not want the kind of healthcare "reform" that the Obama administration is pushing, well then, I guess in a truly representative form of government, the plan should not pass.

I will close with this final thought. We are 360 days away from Election Day 2010. I, and many other Americans, will be doing everything that can be done to see to it that the vast majority of the 220 Representatives who voted for this bill are not around after 2010 to SCREW US ANY FURTHER!! YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED IN THE CONGRESS AND GOOD RIDDANCE TO YOU WHEN YOU ARE GONE!!


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