Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Claire

In the last 48 hours, I have watched, with great interest, the town hall meetings going on around America to discuss healthcare reform. During one meeting, Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) told a loud and angry crowd that she did not understand their anger and shouting. It was all very puzzling to her. So, in the following open letter, I will try to explain to Sen. McCaskill, et al, why these town hall meetings and their participants are so loud and so angry.

Dear Claire:

I thought I would write to you and try to enlighten you, and your 534 colleagues in the U.S. Congress, as to why your recent town meetings have such an air of anger and rudeness to them.

Now, I personally would not be rude to you or any other member of Congress when attending a meeting such as the ones you have attended. As they say, you will catch more flies with honey than vinegar. However, it is clear to me, as a citizen, why people are so angry with you and many of your colleagues. For many years now, and maybe more in the last six months than ever before, the members of Congress, in general, have forgotten why they were sent to Congress. You were elected by the people of your state or legislative district to represent them in the Congress of the United States of America. That is why you are being paid. That is what a representative form of government is all about!!

However, too many members of Congress have concerned themselves more with following the wishes of their party leadership, instead of the wishes of the very people who elected you. This is flat out WRONG!!

Let's look at the last six months, shall we?

The majority said NO to the bank bailouts. CONGRESS PASSED IT ANYWAY!

The majority said NO to the auto bailouts. CONGRESS PASSED IT ANYWAY!

The majority said no to the TARP plan. CONGRESS PASSED IT ANYWAY!

Now, the majority of the American public are voicing their opposition to ObamaCare, but the left wing leaders in Congress are doing everything possible to ram the bill through Congress anyway. Your constituency seemed to make it very clear that they are not in favor of this bill. Are you, Senator McCaskill, going to heed the voices of those who elected you and represent THEIR voice in the Senate, or are you going to vote your party's wishes and ignore the voice of the people.

The general feeling among people in this country seem to be that their representatives no longer REPRESENT THEIR WISHES AND INTERESTS!! Therefore, because of frustration and a need to be heard, they are angry and they are shouting. Although you may find it socially unacceptable, perhaps you can now understand that these emotions are fueled by the frustration of a populace who feel they no longer have any voice in how their government is run. Bear in mind, the whole reason that this country exists is because of the frustration of a people who suffered "TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION." Just as in 1776, the citizens of this great country are no longer willing to sit by quietly and watch the imperious behavior of their "elected representatives" who have forgotten their sworn duties.

It is time, my dear senator, to decide the future of the country as well as your own future. Will you vote as instructed by your party leaders? If so, you will play a part in the further economic and social destruction of this great country. If you do that, your constituents will decide your future for you in November 2010 and it is probable that your future will no longer include a life in politics.


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