Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thank God..uh, er I Mean Goodness For The ACLU!

Recently, at Pace High School, in Santa Rosa County, Florida, The AMerican Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit against Pace High School, claiming that some teachers and administrators were allowing students to PRAY IN SCHOOL!! In fact, according to Bill O'Reilly, prayer was "RUNNING RAMPANT" in that school! Boy, are we lucky that the ACLU was there!! Just imagine what horrible things could happen when prayer is allowed to run rampant within a school. Gee, before you know it, people might actually begin to get along better, drug usage might go down, teen pregnancies might go down and school shootings could possibly be eliminated altogether. Where would we be THEN?!?!

But don't worry, the situation is under control. Pace High School, rather than fight the suit, gave into the ACLU and entered into a consent decree, promising NO MORE PRAYING!! Good for them!! God loves gutless wonders!! But then, lo and behold, along comes the principal, Frank Lay, and the Athletic Director, Robert Freeman, who decided that their religious beliefs and faithfulness to God was more important than any consent decree. THOSE IGNORANT BASTARDS!!! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?!

But, again, DON'T WORRY...the authorities have the matter in hand. The judge in this matter, whose name was not given, is really angry and is having both these men charged with criminal contempt, a charge for which they could be fined and/or jailed. I, FOR ONE, AM CERTAINLY RELIEVED THAT LAW AND ORDER IS IN SUCH FINE FORM HERE. YES, IT DOES MY HEART GOOD!

OK, enough sarcasm. Yes, sadly, the above story is true. In one case, Principal Lay asked Director Freeman to offer the blessing for a meal served at an honorary luncheon in celebration for some of the athletic achievements of that school year. On another occasion, a clerical worker at a different event asked her husband, who was not a school employee, to offer the blessing for another meal.

A legal question comes up immediately in my mind. Since when did Pace High School, or any other government entity, have the right to enter into ANY kind of agreement with the ACLU which would override an individual's right of free speech and free exercise of religion, even in a school!! MAYBE THAT KIND OF LEGAL RULING IS ONE OF THE REASONS THAT ARE SCHOOL SYSTEMS ARE FAILING SO MISERABLY!! We are, apparently, OK with teen sex running rampant in our schools. We turn a blind eye to the fact that our students graduate from high school without being able to read and write at an acceptable level. We encourage the exploration of alternative lifestyles, such as homosexuality and promiscuity and, in some cases, downright perversion. Even Muslims are allowed to have prayer time in school, as is called for in their religion. Only Christians are subject to this type of prosecution. Oh, did I say prosecution...I MEANT PERSECUTION!!

I love God and His Son, My Savior, Jesus Christ. I try my best to follow the teachings of Jesus and to worship God each and every day. I do not mind if you do not believe what I believe. That is your right. But your right to not believe should not extend to the point where I am not allowed to exercise my belief!! That is not what America was founded on.

They say that the judge in the case down in Florida is really angry at the criminal contempt that he says these two men have shown by exercising their God given rights to worship. Well, Judge (please note I did not say "your Honor" because it is obvious that you HAVE NO HONOR!) I will go on record right now by saying not only do I have criminal contempt for your ruling, I have total and complete contempt for you and any other judge who is going to prosecute an American for giving thanks to God!

In closing, I can only say that I take solace in knowing that SOMEDAY this judge will stand in judgement before THE JUDGE and he can try to explain his conduct then!! Good Luck "Your Honor!"


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