Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's Still A Pig!

I have been watching the debate over the proposed ObamaCare health plan for over a month now. I have listened carefully to explanations from the President concerning this plan, and estimates from all sides as to how much the plan will cost the taxpayers. I have read and re-read the polls and watched the steadily declining numbers of voters who are in favor of this legislation and the Obama administration in general. I have seen the televised town hall meetings, both the ones that have gotten loud and angry and the ones that have been more civil and less turbulent in their tone.

Mr. President, I believe that the whole situation boils down to one statement that you made during your campaign for president.


I believe that this one statement sums up the totality of the proposed healthcare plan in a very succinct and straightforward manner. President Obama and the liberal left leaders of Congress have ramrodded several expensive bills down the throat of the American public during the 6 1/2 months of his presidency. Most have been done in such a way so that the public really did not have time to review the legislation. Hell, most of the members of Congress did not have time to read some of these bills before a vote was called for. However, in this case, with THIS legislation, the members of Congress and the people that they represent have had some time to read and study the proposed legislation. And with that knowledge, I think that, no matter how much you try to shine up this apple, it is still rotten to the core, and everyone knows it.

Cut your losses, Mr. President and put THIS pig back in the poke!!

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