Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Magical Medicare Pie-A Fairy Tale For Democrats

Once upon a time, there was a pie maker who made all kinds of pies. His name was Barobama and he made many unusual and delicious pies and people came from all over to get their piece of the pie. The pie maker promised everybody that they would get their fair share of pie as long as he was the pie maker. One day, he made a beautiful pie that he named "Healthcare Heaven." Barobama told everyone that this was one of his best pies ever and that everyone would love it. However, some old people complained that Barobama had taken a lot of the ingredients that were used in his "Medicare" pie, a favorite pie of the elderly folk. Because he wanted to use those ingredients, everyone knew that the next "Medicare" pie would have to be much smaller, because he did not have as much of the ingredients as he needed to keep that pie as big as before.

This made all the older people weep and wail and gnash their teeth. "What will we do?", they cried. "We will not be able to get as large a slice of Medicare pie as we would like to have. Woe is us!"

But Barobama heard them lamenting and he told the old people, "Don't cry. I am making the "Medicare" pie with a new magical ingredient. Because this pie will be a magic pie, it does not matter that it will be a smaller pie. There will still be plenty for everybody and the slices will be just as big as it always was. So be happy and rejoice!"

And the old people were happy again, knowing that Barobama was going to make the "Magic Medicare" pie for them. And they did sing and dance in the street and they lived happily, and healthily, ever after.

Yes, you may think this is a fairy tale that can't possibly be true. I mean, think about it for a minute...a magical pie that, no matter how many slices you take from it, will still have slices left. Sounds pretty far fetched to me. Although, as a Christian, I do seem to recall that Jesus took five loaves of bread and two fish and fed a multitude of people and had leftovers when they were done. Well, what the hell, if Jesus could do that then the Annointed One should be able to keep those slices coming without breaking a sweat, right??


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